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More Than Stones and Bones: Archaeology is Local History

Strong Identities

Many history organizations and others are entrusted with archaeological artifacts. Human use of places we currently call home extends back 13,000 years or so, and those who used the land over that time have left lots of evidence. This year’s Spring Workshops focus on how you can use archaeology to tell stories over a much longer period of record, use collections appropriately, and review responsibilities under the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) that includes, but is not exclusive to, archaeology. As always, you will have the opportunity to renew contact with your colleagues and learn some useful tips and tricks.

Fee: $30 per person. Includes materials, lunch, and refreshments.

Questions? Call Todd Mahon at 651-259-3492 or e-mail todd.mahon@mnhs.org..

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