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The Voyageur's Paddle


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  • By: Kathy-Jo Wargin, Illus. David Geister
  • Format: Hardcover, 40 pg
  • Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press
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  • Product ##: 9781585360079

Voyageur is the French word for "traveler," but in the Great Lakes region during the seventeenth century it described those men who made their living trading furs and goods along water routes. Traveling by canoe, these voyageurs helped to establish north woods trading posts and settlements, opening up the West to future exploration.

Young Jacques's father is such a voyageur. He works long hours in bitterly cold weather, absent from home for weeks at a time. As he awaits his father's return from a season of trading, Jacques dreams of the day he will hold the canoe paddle and join the ranks of voyageurs.

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The Voyageur's Paddle

The Voyageur's Paddle