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Floral Home, or First Years of Minnesota


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  • By: Harriet Bishop
  • Format: Paperback, 345 pages, 5.25 in. X 8.25 in.
  • Publisher: Heritage Books, Inc.
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  • ISBN: 0788421654
Early Sketches, Later Settlements and Further Developments

A reprint of the chronicle of a young teacher who witnessed the earliest settlement in the territory known as Minnesota, first published in 1857.

Harriet Bishop

Written in a narrative format, this work includes portraits of prominent people, illustrations of vast expansive landscapes, poetry and a new fullname index. Bishop discusses issues from the perspective of an observer. Some topics she addresses include: the trafficking of alcohol, religion as central to pioneer life, the infancy of the lumber industry, and the importance of the role of women in America's future as a nation. This work is insightful and enlightening, and Bishop gives the attention to detail necessary to create an accurate picture of what the experiences she is describing, involved.

Some of the topics discussed are: The First Explorations, The First Traders and Missionaries, Fort Snelling, St. Paul, First Canoe Ride, Indian Character, Burial Rites, Indian Dance, Courting, The First School House, Rum's Doing, Religious Efforts and Progress, The Climate, Natural Resources, Making Claims, Produce and Advance, Lake Minnetonka, St. Croix Valley, St. Anthony's Falls, Minneapolis, Maiden's Rock, New Towns on the Upper Mississippi, Inhabitants of Pembina, Great Thoroughfares, Indian Tribes, The Wakan Man, The Winnebagoes, The Chippewas, The Minnesota River, Purchase of Sioux Lands, The Minnesota Valley, Southern Minnesota, and Close of 1856.

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Floral Home, or First Years of Minnesota

Floral Home, or First Years of Minnesota