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Dakota War of 1862


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  • By: Kenneth Carley
  • Format: Paper, 112 pp.
  • Publisher: MHS Press
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An accessible and balanced account, The Dakota War of 1862 draws on a wealth of written and visual materials by white and Indian participants and observers showing both the sources of the Dakotas' wrath and the terrible consequences of the conflict.

While the Civil War raged in the East and South, Dakota Indians in Minnesota erupted violently into action against white settlers, igniting the tragic Dakota War of 1862. Hemmed in on a narrow reservation along the upper Minnesota River, the Dakota (Sioux) were frustrated by broken treaties, angered by dishonest agents and traders, and near starvation because of crop failures and late annuity payments.

Led by Little Crow, Dakota warriors attacked the Redwood and Yellow Medicine Indian agencies and all whites living on their former lands in southwestern Minnesota. They killed more than 450 whites and took some 250 white and mixed-blood prisoners during the 38-day conflict. White civilians and military units commanded by Henry H. Sibley defended towns and forts, pursued warriors, and eventually forced the Indians to surrender or flee westward. The penalties imposed by vengeful whites were swift and devastating. The federal government hanged 38 Dakota men in the largest mass execution in U.S. history, 300 were imprisoned, and the Dakota people were banished from the state.

Previously published under the title The Sioux Uprising of 1862 (ISBN 0-87351-392-4).

Praise for The Dakota War of 1862:

"A balanced, judicious and objective account." — Annals of Wyoming

"An objective, readable account . . . interspersed with excellent maps, sketches, and photographs, all of which provide a fascinating portrayal of the conflict." — North Dakota Quarterly

"This handsome book is highly recommended." — Minneapolis Tribune

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Dakota War of 1862

Dakota War of 1862