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Old Fort Snelling, 1819-1858


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  • By: Marcus L. Hansen
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Originally published in 1918 by the State Historical Society of Iowa, and covering the years from the Fort's establishment in 1819 until its temporary abandonment as a military post in 1858.

The establishment in 1917 of a camp at Fort Snelling for the training of officers for the army has aroused curiosity in the history of Old Fort Snelling. Again as in the days of the pioneer settlement of the Northwest the Fort at the junction of the Minnesota and Mississippi rivers has become an object of more than ordinary interest.

Old Fort Snelling was established in 1819 within the Missouri Territory on ground which later became a part of the Territory of Iowa. Not until 1849 was it included within Minnesota boundaries. Linked with the early annals of Missouri, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and the Northwest, the history of Old Fort Snelling is the common heritage of many commonwealths in the Upper Mississippi Valley.

Editor's introduction from the 1918 edition.

Benj. F. Shambaugh
Office of the Superintendent and Editor
The State Historical Society of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa

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Old Fort Snelling, 1819-1858

Old Fort Snelling, 1819-1858