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Norwegians And Swedes In The United States


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  • By: Edited by Philip J Anderson and Dag Blanck
  • Format: Paper, 320 pp. 6 X 9, 40 b&w photos, 3 Map Notes, Index, Tables, Bibliography
  • Publisher: MHS Press (December 2011)
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  • Product ##: 9780873518161
Friends and Neighbors

Eighteen essays explore interactions among Swedish and Norwegian immigrants to America, focusing on themes of friendship and competition through the lenses of identity, language, religion, and politics.

To early American immigrants, nineteenth-century newcomers from the Scandinavian peninsula likely seemed all of a type. To immigrants hailing from Norway and Sweden, however, differences in language, culture, and religion sorted them into distinct groupings: not Scandinavian, but Norwegian or Swedish—and proud of their lineage.

How did these differences affect relationships in the new world? In what ways did Swedes and Norwegians preserve their cultures in the city and in rural areas? On what political subjects did they disagree—or perhaps agree? Did they build communities together or in opposition to each other? Where they were neighbors, were they also friends? In this groundbreaking volume, scholars from the United States, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark debate these issues and more, sharing perspectives on context, culture, conflict, and community.

Essayists Include:

  • Philip J. Anderson
  • Jennifer Attebery
  • H. Arnold Barton
  • Ulf Jonas Björk
  • Dag Blanck
  • Jørn Brøndal
  • Angela Falk
  • Mark Granquist
  • Per Olof Grönberg
  • Ingeborg Kongslien
  • James p. Leary
  • Joy K. Lintelman
  • Odd S. Lovoll
  • David Mauk
  • Byron J. Nordstrom
  • Kurt W. Peterson
  • Harald Runblom
  • Mark Safstrom
Advance Praise:

“Really fine scholarly work. With its many thought-provoking examples, this book mirrors Scandinavian spleen and humor.”
Harald Runblom, professor emeritus of history, Uppsala University, Sweden

“This collection contributes significantly to the study of ethnicity in America, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about the immigrant experience in the United States.”
Anita Olson Gustafson, Professor of History, Presbyterian College

“It is hard to read this book without being impressed by how much Norwegians and Swedes [in the United States] had in common and how their interactions—through marriage, neighborliness, shared education, and religious faith—strengthened those commonalities without ever erasing completely the lines of difference that most, on either side of the linguistic dividing lines, continued to recognize.”
From the foreword by Donna R. Gabaccia

Philip J. Anderson is professor of church history at North Park University in Chicago.

Dag Blanck is director of the Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center at Augustana College, Rock Island, and associate professor of history at Uppsala University, Sweden.

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Norwegians And Swedes In The United States