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Roy McBride: A Poet Poets DVD


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  • Format: DVD, 30 min.
  • Publisher: Center for International Education
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A half-hour film of the poetry of Roy McBride (1943-2011).

Born in 1943, Roy Chester McBride began his literary career at Magnolia Colored Elementary School in Magnolia, Arkansas in 1948. After learning his abc's and starting to read "Dick and Jane" and other great books of that period, Roy was bitten by the writing bug. It has never let go.

The director Mike Hazard writes, "A labor of love, I videotaped Roy on the fly starting in 1986. Recordings were made at The Loft, Roy's legendary poetry salons, a poetry in the schools residency, various poetry slams, impromptu poetings, intimate family get-togethers, a theatrical performance with Heart of the Beast Theatre on Lake Street, the print shop of the award-winning artist book maker Paulette Myers-Rich and the poet's summer home, Dandelion Ranch. I love the joy of Roy. You will too."

Poetry My grandfather, who can neither read nor write, wears a pen- and-pencil set in the pocket of his Sunday coat.

One night when I was in the fourth grade, he watched me do my homework, rocking in his chair by the stove. "Son," he said with a smile, "you've really got a nice hand, a real nice hand."

Other People Say "All of Roy's poems are love poems." Paulette Myers-Rich, artist book maker and publisher of Roy's book Love Poetry

"He is the pastor of the street poets. He is the John Coltrane, the Miles Davis of poetry, The Love Supreme of poetry." Kevin O'Rourke, writer

"This is fantastically funky." Chuck Olsen, media maestro

"A beautiful piece: so Roy-like, with circularities and humor and rhythms and open faces and good humor." Margaret Hasse, poet

"Roy McBride has always been one of my favorite poets. It's easy to love him and his work." Bao Phi, poet

"Roy is the master of time and spaces." Louis Alemayehu, poet/Ancestor Energy

The film will engage people of all ages interested in poetry, spoken word performance, African American literature, families and peace studies.

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Roy McBride: A Poet Poets DVD

Roy McBride: A Poet Poets DVD