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American Grizzly: Frederick Manfred


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  • Format: DVD, 28.5 min.
  • Publisher: Center for International Education
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American Grizzly is a lively portrait of the novelist Frederick Manfred created by Mike Hazard and Jim Mulligan. Legendary author of Lord Grizzly, Manfred's work is a 200 year mural of life in Siouxland from the Bad Lands to the North Woods.

The director Mike Hazard writes, "This vivid video is about novels, pow wows, black comedy, American history, small towns, alimentary tracts, the lizard, folk memory, lyrical poetry, Chaucer, stoop talk, mystic meandering, leftie politics, tall tales, farm runes, Frisians, the frontier, Siouxland and Frederick Feikema Manfred.

"The video's structure can be divided into three roughly equal parts, built on rocks and stones. The first part is centered on the poem 'Boiling Rock,' the second has the legendary Blue Mounds equinoctial rock wall and the third section visits the cemetary where Manfred's plot is."

People Say "Manfred is like his fictional characters, larger than life and twice as romantic. His rolling voice-whether reading from his stories or commenting on the relationship between the Indian Wakan and quantum mechanics-weaves a spell over his listeners." Deirdre Boyle, Sightlines

"A hulking giant of a man with an earthy, poetic vision of frontier America... American Grizzly is a lyrical tribute to Manfred." Nick Coleman, Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Meanwhile down in Siouxland life sphered on. Days drifted into evening reds; nights dreamed into morning grays. The sun shone; rains fell; wombs became fruitful and multiplied. Lightning struck, old boles fell to the ground, twigs rotted and returned to dust. Deep answered unto deep; and clouds of winged seeds rode abroad on the coasting wings." Frederick Manfred, from Morning Red

American Grizzly was supported by grants from Minnesota Humanities Commission and South Dakota Humanities Council and produced by The Center for International Education, a nonprofit and tax-exempt media arts organization.

The film will engage people of all ages interested in American history, nature, poetry, Native America, novels, farm life and Siouxland.

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American Grizzly: Frederick Manfred

American Grizzly: Frederick Manfred