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Archaeology of Minnesota


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  • By: Guy Gibbon
  • Format: $34.95 cloth/jacket, 280 pages, 57 b&w photos, 26 maps, 7 x 10
  • Publisher: University of Minnesota Press
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  • Product ##: 9780816679096
The Prehistory of the Upper Mississippi River Region

A precontact history of Minnesota that reveals the relevance of archaeology to our understanding of the world today

From archaeological materials, Guy Gibbon reconstructs the social, economic, and political systems—the lifeways—of those who inhabited what we now call Minnesota for thousands of years before the first contact between native peoples and Europeans. Gibbon shows how the study of Minnesota archaeology is relevant to a broader understanding of long-term patterns of change in human development throughout the world.

Guy Gibbon constructs a multifaceted story of precontact Minnesota as evidenced from thousands of archaeological discoveries. Carefully interweaving crucial environmental variables with dynamic cultural processes, the character of indigenous lifeways found throughout the state over the past 13,000 years emerges. Archaeology of Minnesota offers both an admirable chronicle of the state’s deep history as well as a compelling case for why understanding the archaeological past matters. — Lynn M. Alex, University of Iowa, Office of the State Archaeologist


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Archaeology of Minnesota

Archaeology of Minnesota