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Southwestern Minnesota Archaeology


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  • By: Scott F. Anfinson
  • Format: Paper, 156 pages, 59 illustrations, bibliography, 8 1/2 x 11
  • Publisher: MHS Press
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12,000 Years in the Prairie Lake Region
Drawing together a century of widely scattered scientific and technical reports, as well as 25 years of first-hand experience in the field, Scott Anfinson provides the first comprehensive overview of the peoples who inhabited the Prairie Lake Region of the northeastern Plains before the arrival of European explorers.

Minnesota Prehistoric Archaeology Series #14

Focusing on southwestern Minnesota, north-central Iowa, and southeastern South Dakota, the author describes the dramatic environmental changes that occurred during the precontact millennia and their impact on the human, animal, and plant cultures of the region once treated as the insignificant edge of the Great Plains and Eastern Woodlands.

Dr. Anfinson's synthesis reveals how the successions of peoples in this transition region selectively accepted--and denied--influences from the better-known cultures that flourished around them.

Archaeologists and historians of Native Americans, as well as amateur and armchair archaeologists, will welcome this valuable addition to the region's geological, natural, and cultural history.

SCOTT F. ANFINSON is an Interdisciplinary Archaeological Studies faculty member at the University of Minnesota, a State Historic Preservation Office archaeologist, and a native son of southwestern Minnesota.

Praise for Southwestern Minnesota Archaeology:

"Anfinson's work has resulted in a comprehensive and sorely-needed overview of the prehistory of southwestern Minnesota, clearly documenting the Plains character of the region's peoples and environment. This excellent volume is an essential resource for students of Plains culture and Minnesota archaeology." --Mark Dudzik, State Archaeologist

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Southwestern Minnesota Archaeology

Southwestern Minnesota Archaeology