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Table of Contents to The Cole Younger Story

Introduction by Marley Brant

Why This Book is Here by Cole Younger

  1. Boyhood Days
  2. The Dark and Bloody Ground
  3. Driven from Home
  4. The Trap that Failed
  5. Vengeance Indeed
  6. In the Enemy’s Lines
  7. Lone Jack
  8. A Foul Crime
  9. How Elkins Escaped
  10. A Price on My Head
  11. Betrayed
  12. Quantrill on War
  13. The Palmyra Butchery
  14. Lawrence
  15. Chasing Cotton Thieves
  16. A Clash with Apaches
  17. The Edicts of Outlawry
  18. Not All Black
  19. A Duel and an Auction
  20. Laurels Unsought
  21. The Truth about John Younger
  22. Amnesty Bill Fails
  23. Belle Starr
  24. “Captain Dykes“
  25. Eluding the Police
  26. Ben Butler’s Money
  27. Horace Greeley Perry
  28. The Northfield Raid
  29. A Chase to the Death
  30. To Prison for Life
  31. Some Private History
  32. Lost—Twenty-five Years
  33. The Star of Hope
  34. On Parole
  35. Jim Gives It Up
  36. Free Again
  37. The Wild West
  38. What My Life Has Taught Me

An Afterword

Suggestions for Further Reading

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