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Dial M: The Murder of Carol Thompson

$ 17.95


A haunting re-creation of the notorious T. Eugene Thompson murder case: the brutal killing of an American housewife, the conviction of her husband, and the family trial at which their children determined for themselves how their father should be judged.

“Engrossing, emotionally compelling. . . . An unlikely tale of resilience and redemption, told in sensitive, straightforward fashion.”
Entertainment Weekly (“A”)

  • By: William Swanson
  • Format: Paper, 212 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 in.
  • Publisher: MNHS Press: Borealis Books (2007)
  • Product ##: 9780873515870

  • “Four decades ago the Carol Thompson murder, a horrifying crime akin to the Marilyn Sheppard case in Cleveland, rocked the Midwest. In Dial M, the gripping replay of this American tragedy is only a bloody prelude to the remarkable lives Thompson’s children would live. How does a family right out of Leave It to Beaver survive a fatal implosion? Or do they survive at all? I have never read a book that dealt so expertly and dramatically with the private lives of those who survive incomprehensible tragedy. I highly recommend it!”
    Ann Rule, author of Green River, Running Red and Worth More Dead

    “This volume stands out . . . thanks to the sensitive and detailed attention given to the characters of Carol Thompson’s murderers and of her children and their attempts to come to terms with the horrific reality of their mother’s death.”
    Publishers Weekly

    “Part one [is] a meticulously researched, strong, swift read—as enjoyable as a well-done episode of ‘City Confidential’ on Court TV. But its not nearly as breathtaking as the second part of the book, which morphs straight into Chekhovian tragedy. . . . It will leave you wondering in your spare moments, discussing and mulling it over for weeks.”
    Star Tribune, Minneapolis

    William Swanson, a senior editor at Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, has written and edited for various publications in the Twin Cities and elsewhere for more than thirty years.


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