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Lindbergh Alone

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A unique and compelling portrait of Charles Lindbergh by the celebrated author and long-time writer for the New Yorker magazine.

"The day after which nothing would be the same for him was Friday, May 20, 1927. That morning, alone in a little plane powered by a single engine, Charles A. Lindbergh took off from a muddy runway on the outskirts of New York. His destination was Paris."

So begins Brendan Gill's book about the most extraordinary feat of one of our country's most extraordinary men. With clarity of vision and characteristic elegance, Gill gives us in Lindbergh Alone a meditation on one man's unprecedented accomplishment, and the world's overwhelming response to it.

Originally published for the fiftieth anniversary of the flight, Gill did not intend to write a standard biography of Lindbergh; rather, Gill attempted to describe an unknown young man at one moment in history, and to examine the forces that led him to act as he did. The 1920s were a period that sought out heroes and worshipped them extravagantly; few heroes were so unlike the age that fostered them as this "unheralded boy" of twenty-five. A shy man, bold hearted and firm of purpose, the Lindbergh we come to know in Gill's book is one whose intelligence and strength of will enabled him, through a single, superb act, to become perhaps the most celebrated figure of his time.

Lindbergh Alone persuades us that Lindbergh's valorous flight and subsequent renown were the natural consequences of his upbringing and his own nature. It also demonstrates that, on rare occasions, a man is capable of making history by his own choice.


  • By: Brendan Gill
  • Format: Paper, 176 pages, 20 b&w photos
  • Publisher: MHS Press
  • Product ##: 978-0873514262


A prolific author and critic, BRENDAN GILL wrote for the New Yorker magazine for more than sixty years until his death in 1997. A champion of architectural preservation and other visual arts, he authored fifteen books, including Here at The New Yorker and Many Masks: A Life of Frank Lloyd Wright.



Praise for Lindbergh Alone:


"Brendan Gill had a real and deep instinct about who my father was. I have always loved this book." -- Reeve Lindbergh


"From his lonely childhood, his schoolboy failures, his passion for flying, Lindbergh emerges a mythic hero, solitary and introspective. . . . Drawing from both published and unpublished sources, Gill tries to re-create Lindbergh's personality at the time of the flight." -- Library Journal

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