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Labor's Turning Point DVD

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"Those weren't strikes, they were civil wars."
Jack Maloney, Strike Veteran

The Minneapolis Truckers Strikes of 1934 involved many thousands: members of Teamsters Local 574, farmers, secretaries and many others who supported the strike; the business interests and police who opposed the union; and the National Guard and the state and national governments that were compelled to intervene.

The massive, bloody campaign transformed Minneapolis from a bastion of the anti-labor Citizens Alliance to a union town. The struggle was also a catalyst for passage of the National Labor Relations Act, the foundation for today's U.S. labor law.

Weaving together photos, journalist reports and newsreel footage from 1934 and interviews with veterans of the conflict and historians, the documentary reveals a compelling chapter in the history of Minnesota and the nation.

Producer/Writer: John de Graaf
Project Director: Martin Duffy, Labor Education Service, University of Minnesota

  • Format: Color DVD Video, 43 min.
  • Publisher: Labor Education Service, U of MN
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  • Product ##: 7523
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