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“The Most Satisfactory Proof”: Revising an Anglo-Dakota Family History

by Lizzie Ehrenhalt


Who was Margaret Hess, the woman who asked Indian agent Lawrence Taliaferro’s help securing land promised to her in an 1830 treaty? We may never learn the full story, but their 1836 correspondence raises tantalizing questions, and the pursuit of answers opens doors into pre-territorial history.


Early Days of the State Reform School
by Paul D. Nelson
At a time when the criminal-justice system did not distinguish between adults and children, Minnesota’s House of Refuge was established to reform, educate, and train inmates to become productive members of society--and save them from “the penitentiary and the gallows.” Located in St. Paul for its first 23 years, the institution was home to some hard cases but also many homeless, neglected, or abused children whose crimes were petty, even by nineteenth-century standards.


“The Voice of the House”: Edward Burdick and the Evolution of the Minnesota House of Representatives
by Patrick Mendis
In a career spanning more than six decades of political and cultural change at the state capitol, a high- school graduate rises from a part-time, temporary job as page to become the nationally respected and widely honored parliamentarian and chief clerk of the House.




1862 and Beyond
In excerpts from oral history interviews, Sandee Geshick (Lower Sioux Community) and Dallas Ross (Upper Sioux Community) speak on resilience, Fort Snelling, and the aftermath of the war.




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