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Música de la Raza: Mexican and Chicano Music in Minnesota

$ 16.95

Maya López-Santamaría tells the story of Minnesota's Mexican and Chicano musicians and their music in this lively book and CD.

Illustrated with several dozen historical photographs, the booklet and accompanying documentary recording of Minnesota musical expressions includes indigenous, folkloric, mariachi, ranchera, conjunto, orquesta , trío, banda, corrido, religious, disco, folk, Latin, rock, and rap music.

Cover illustration by Gustavo Lira.

Maya López-Santamaría is a cultural anthropologist and singer living on St. Paul's West Side.

The Minnesota Musical Traditions series, co-sponsored by the Minnesota Historical Society and the Minnesota State Arts Board, presents recordings of Minnesota folk musicians and interprets their work historically and culturally.

"When Minnesota's first Mexican families began settling in the state's agricultural regions and along the Mississippi River in St. Paul, they brought with them the music of their homeland."--Maya López-Santamaría


  • By: Maya López-Santamaría
  • Format: CD and 76-page booklet, 19 selections, 70 minutes
  • Publisher: MNHS Press
  • Product ##: 9780873513661


Song Titles and Musicians


  1. Madre (liturgical ballad) -- Genevieve Rangel, Mariachi Flor y Canto, Guadalupe Church Congregation
  2. Monterrey Polka (orquesta) -- Kico Rangel Band
  3. Creí (bolero) -- Hermanas Rangel and Trío Gaona
  4. ¡Jalisco No Te Rajes! (ranchera) -- María and Genevieve Rangel (vocals), José Gaona and Robert Piñeda (vocals and guitar)
  5. Ábrete Sésamo (mambo) -- Kico Rangel Band
  6. Chinita Mía (corrido) -- Nicolás Castillo
  7. A Cuchi Cu (ranchera) -- Quien
  8. Baíla (disco) -- Jalapeño
  9. ¿Pa' Que Me Sirve La Vida? (trío) -- Trío Gaona
  10. Bendice, Alma Mía (spiritual folk) -- Donna Peña
  11. El Jalisciense (huapango) -- Mariachi Flor y Canto
  12. Corrido de Jesus García (corrido) -- Los Imperiales del Norte
  13. La Negra (mariachi) -- Son del Sur
  14. Vencido (Tejano) -- Sangre del Alma
  15. 911 (banda) -- Terreno
  16. El Rey (mariachi) -- Tomás Silva, Mariachi Flor y Canto
  17. Misterio and Tlaloc (Mexica) -- Nahui Ehecatl
  18. Piel Morena (cumbia) -- Orquesta Sabor Tropical
  19. Mi Canción (Chicano rap) -- The Native Ones

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