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Orders of the Dreamed: George Nelson on Cree and Northern Ojibwa Religion and Myth, 1823

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Winner of the 1989 Canadian Historical Association Regional History Certificate of Merit

Among Anglo-Canadian fur traders of the early 19th century, George Nelson stands out for his interest in the life and ways of the Native people he encountered. His letter-journal gives a more detailed portrayal of Algonquian religion than any other source before the 20th century. It describes the characteristics of individual spirit beings, the use of the "shaking tent" to facilitate communication between humans and spirits, the spirit-guardian relationship, the windigo monster, the significance of dreams, religious aspects of medicine, and myths of animal and human origins.


  • By: Jennifer S. H. Brown and Robert Brightman
  • Format: Paper, 226 pp., 1988, illus., maps, index, CAN
  • Publisher: MHS Press
  • Product ##: 0873513703


Praise for The Orders of the Dreamed:


"An important contribution to a wider and deeper understanding of an Amerindian world rich in insights and perceptions."-Great Plains Quarterly


"This work should be greeted enthusiastically by anyone interested in native American religion and mythology. While Nelson's journal alone is a valuable eyewitness account that provides insights into religious and mystic aspects of Cree and Northern Ojibwa life, it is its combination with the other three parts of the book that greatly enhances understanding of native American culture. Desirably, future treatments of native people will be shaped in part by this work."--North Dakota History

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