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Story Stitch Card Game 2020 Version

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GRETelling stories, opening minds, becoming neighbors. Story Stitch is a guided card activity that connects and builds empathy between people of different cultural backgrounds though the art of storytelling.

The game consists of  Story Cards and Stitch Cards. With a story card a player has a chance to share a story from their life. With a stitch card a player has a chance to engage and/or build on the story told. 2020 version has redesigned box and instruction accordion.

How the game is played:

  • Story Cards: (33) Cards with story questions
  • Stitch Cards: (22) Cards with lines and dots
  • Set the pile of Story Cards face down in the center of players.
  • Distribute all Stitch Cards to players (some players may receive more than others).
  • Select a player to begin; game moves clockwise.
  • The first player draws a Story Cardreads the question out loud, and shares a personal story that responds to the question.  (Players may draw multiple Story Cards until finding a question they would like to answer, returning unused cards to the bottom of the deck.)
  • When the first player finishes sharing a story, another player(s) can place a Stitch Card on the table and answer the same question or build upon that story. After Stitch Cards are played, the game returns to the second player who then selects a Story CardMove clockwise.
  • Continue the game with players selecting Story Cards, playing Stitch Cards, and sharing and building upon stories until players no longer have any Stitch Cards remaining in their hands.

Story Stitch was created by and for diverse and inclusive communities

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