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The Street Where You Live: A Guide to the Place Names of St. Paul

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Do you know what landmark St. Paul restaurant occupies the site of an old lakebed? Where the first cocktail hour in Highland Park took place? Which St. Paul neighborhood takes its name from a curve in the road?

Learn the perfect trivial tidbit for parties, find destinations for Sunday drives, and get to know the city from pavement to park - in The Street Where You Live, St. Paul's secrets are revealed.

From the architectural landmarks of Cathedral Hill to the tranquil charm of Lake Phalen, St. Paul possesses a long, colorful history that its residents celebrate with an almost cultish fervor. Each neighborhood offers a glimpse into the city's roots and every street tells a story. Combining rigorous research with a feisty wit, Donald L. Empson has written an entertaining history of St. Paul's place names. With more than one thousand entries and over one hundred photographs, The Street Where You Live is the most complete inventory of public spaces in St. Paul in existence. At long last this new edition - the first update since 1975 - has been revised and expanded to include neighborhoods, parks, lakes, streams, islands, bridges, cemeteries, caves, and other landmarks, as well as streets and avenues.


  • By: Donald L. Empson
  • Format: Paperback, 322 pages
  • Publisher: University of Minnesota Press
  • Product ##: 9780816647293


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