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Minnesota History Magazine Spring 2018 (66:1)

Minnesota History Magazine Spring 2018 (66:1)

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From Cooperative Commonwealth to Yardstick Capitalism: Midland’s Evolving Vision of Cooperation in Mid-Century Minnesota
Nick Stewart-Bloch

Midwest farmers facing high [petroleum prices in the 1920s formed purchasing co-ops, one of which was Minnesota-born Midland Cooperative. During its half-century in business, the cooperative’s underlying mission changed multiple times.

Somalis in Minnesota

Somali Minnesota history and culture is being chronicled by MNHS through publications, an exhibit, and oral histories, sampled here.

The Power of History
D. Stephen Elliott

Director and CEO Steve Elliott, who steps down in June 2018, reflects on MNHS’s long record of service to Minnesotans and the evolving role of public history.

“What Do You Do With Your Leisure Time?”: Women’s Athletic Cultures at St. Olaf College
Judy Kutulas

Athletics helped women stake a self-defined claim on their extracurricular college experience at St. Olaf, founded in 1874 by Norwegian Lutheran men. As the college and national culture changed over the course of the twentieth century, so did the role played by athletics and recreation.


Editor’s Notes/Masthead
‘Written to be read’
Laura Weber

Curator’s Choice
Betty Wall Strohfus Flight Suit
Bethany Nelson

Waiting for Elvis
Linda James

Rochester Armory, Olmsted County
Amy Jo Hahn

Book Reviews
Book Review: Miles Lord: The Maverick Judge Who Brought Corporate America to Justice by Roberta Walburn
Review by Joshua Preston

Book Review: Scandinavians in the Statehouse by Klas Bergman
Review by Paul C. Stone

Take Three, News & Notes, Letters, Updates, Our Back Pages

Preserving > Sharing > Connecting
First Person, Plural: Oral History Collection
Laura Billings Coleman

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