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State Correctional Institution (Prison) Records Request

$ 5.00

For this research service, Library Staff will search for one person in one institution's records.

State Correctional Institution (Prison) Records Requests may take up to 60 business days to complete.

Index Search Only: $5

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Turnaround: Research is usually completed and sent within 60 business days.

About this Research Service:
At this time, only an index search is available. We expect a more extended records search to be available in 2022. Any orders for extended records searches will be immediately cancelled upon receipt.
The State Archives of the Minnesota Historical Society preserves records from the following state correctional institutions:
Stillwater State Prison (opened 1854, also called Bayport or MN State Prison)
St. Cloud State Prison (opened 1887, also called MN State Reformatory for Men)
Shakopee State Reformatory for Women (opened 1919)
Red Wing State Training School for Boys (opened 1868)
Red Wing State Training School for Girls (opened 1898; in 1911 girls at the School were transferred to the Sauk Centre Home School for Girls)
Sauk Centre Home School for Girls (opened 1903; most records restricted for 100 years)

Index materials from correctional institutions vary and index information may be a direct copy or a transcription of the original index card, ledger, and/or file jacket.

Index information provided may include:

  • Full Name
  • Identification numbers
  • County from which received
  • Admission Date
  • Discharge Date
  • Charge convicted under (type of crime)
  • Length of Sentence
Full Case Files and other correctional records are not currently available.
When they become available, you can expect contents to vary greatly. Available records vary based on facility and date, but may include:
  • Case files
  • Admission and discharge registers
  • Commitment papers
  • Parole records
  • Trial transcripts
  • Incarcerated individuals' photographs--These are generally "mug shot" style photographs. If Library Staff find an image, they will photocopy it (if possible) and include directions for ordering a photographic-quality scan.

Restrictions on access: Inmate records contain private information about individuals and access to many of them is restricted.

Inmate records are generally restricted for 75 years from the date of the last entry in the record or file.

If additional permission and/or paperwork is required for your specific order, staff will contact you about next steps. In some cases, if restricted information is present, it will be clearly redacted. However, if the item is fully restricted, staff will contact you about next steps. Individuals have the right review their own correctional records in a way that ensures that the privacy interests of third parties mentioned in the records are not affected.

Questions? Email: reference@mnhs.org

Mail: MNHS Library, attn: Correction Record Request, 345 W. Kellogg Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55102

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