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Big Little Mother

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The first-rate creative team of Kling and Monroe returns with another winning family story, this time celebrating the trials and triumphs of a younger brother as the recipient of his big sister’s life lessons.


A younger brother has little choice but to look up to his older sister. She’s taller than he is, for one thing. She has many developing talents, ranging from karate to violin. And she knows so many things: How to make the living room into an adventure land. How to dance. How to grow gumdrops. Well, maybe her understanding of the world isn’t perfect, but she’s pretty impressive, leading Little Brother to call her “Me one” and himself “Me, too.” Big Sister also loves to share her knowledge, particularly with her best friend, Kittywumpus, the family cat. However, after a possibly too vigorous “makeover,” Kittywumpus runs away for a much-needed break, leaving Little Brother as the new target for Big Sister’s ministrations. And while it’s fun at first, the dressing up and the tea parties and the cream cheese on the piano start to make Little Brother think that the cat might have had the right idea.

But then, an impromptu performance in his sister’s tap dancing class earns kudos for both siblings, giving them each a new respect for each other that continues even after Kittywumpus returns.


  • By: Kevin Kling, illustrated by Chris Monroe
  • Format: Cloth, 32 pp., 10 x 10, fully illustrated in color
  • Publisher: MNHS Press: Borealis Books (November 2013)
  • Product ##: 9780873519113

  • Praise for Big Little Brother
    “Big Little Brother is an exceptionally funny and bittersweet book that any reader, young or old, who has been an older sibling will warm to.”
    New York Times

    Storyteller, essayist, and playwright Kevin Kling is the author of Big Little Brother and The Dog Says How. Artist and cartoonist Chris Monroe, illustrator of Big Little Brother, draws the comic strip Violet Days and is the author and illustrator of the Monkey with a Tool Belt series.


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