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Death and Birth Records, Early (pre-1904)

Death and Birth Records, Early (pre-1904)

If known, we can search up to 2 specific locations (townships, cities, etc.) within the county.

For this research service, Library Staff will search for the birth or death record of one person, in a specified year and location.

Price: $12.00
MNHS Member discounts cannot be applied to birth and death records
Digital delivery via email and scanning fees are included in the price

Turnaround: Research is usually completed and sent within 60 business days.

About This Research Service:

Library staff will search for one birth or death record from 1904 or earlier in the following sources (see examples in our Vital Records Research Guide):

  • County Birth and Death Records (see example)
  • Local Birth and Death Records from a specific city, town, or township (see example)
  • Minnesota State Death Record Cards, available for 1900 to 1904 only (see example)

Pre-1900 vital records were the responsibility of counties and municipalities, rather than being a state duty. These original records are usually in the form of a ledger, and are organized by the creating entities, often the township/city, but some are county-wide. Unlike more modern birth and death certificates, ledgers contain minimal information, and are not considered official documents. See examples of a county-wide death register and/or

Your search will be customized by staff based on the information you provide, in order to maximize the potential for locating records. If you are unsure of how to best place your order, please contact the Gale Family Library for assistance.

Records are not available for all MN counties and townships. If we do not have the records covering the location/date you specify, we will cancel and refund your order, as well as provide information on contacting the appropriate government office.

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