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35 Years of Music in Minneapolis

Photography by Daniel Corrigan, with text by Danny Sigelman

Minnesota Historical Society Press (November 1, 2016)

A look back at more than three decades of music in Minneapolis through the lens of one of the most prolific and renowned photographers on the scene.


Daniel Corrigan has been the photographer on the Minneapolis music scene since 1981—just as the scene was coming to life. As both a freelancer and the official house photographer for the legendary club First Avenue, he has captured thousands of live concerts, shot countless band promo photos, and was behind the camera for many of the best-known and most beloved album covers by local artists. This retrospective, culled from his personal archive of tens of thousands of photos, presents a unique perspective into a vibrant world, through nearly 500 evocative black-and-white and color images.

The photos depict legendary Minnesota artists like Prince, the Time, and the bands of Minneapolis’s influential indie-rock scene, such as the Replacements, Hüsker Dü, Soul Asylum, Babes in Toyland, the Jayhawks, and others. Corrigan was also on hand to capture national and international stars who came through the Twin Cities, everyone from the Clash, Iggy Pop, and the Ramones to Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, and AC/DC. Featuring some of his most recent concert work, the book highlights many of the hottest local and global acts of today, including Wilco, the Flaming Lips, Mumford and Sons, Lauryn Hill, Die Antwoord, Tegan and Sara, Metric, Doomtree, Bon Iver, Atmosphere, and many more.

Featuring an introductory essay by music journalist Danny Sigelman, Heyday puts into context Corrigan’s role as a chronicler of rock-and-roll and illustrates the array of talented artists who have come through the Twin Cities, across a wide range of musical styles and genres. In addition to the iconic images from Corrigan’s oeuvre, the book offers a look at lesser-known gems as well as outtakes from legendary photo shoots. Supplemental essays explore Corrigan’s personal recollections of specific shoots, concerts, and interactions with musicians to provide a rare glimpse into this significant yet largely unsung fixture of the Minneapolis music scene.

Slip behind the scenes with First Avenue photographer Dan Corrigan. Hear how he captured legendary moments in Minneapolis music in this special edition of Storied.

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Author information

Daniel Corrigan began taking photographs in the Twin Cities in the early 1980s and since then has captured thousands of concerts and musicians as a freelancer, assignment photographer, and longtime official photographer for First Avenue. He lives in Minneapolis.

Danny Sigelman is a DJ, writer, musician, and artist who has worked for Radio K, KFAI, 89.3 The Current, China Radio International, Secret Stash Records, and the Dakota Jazz Club. His fascination with music and pop culture forges his insight in reviewing live music. Danny lives in Minneapolis. Follow him on Twitter @paper_sleeves.

Reviews and news

Slip behind the scenes with First Avenue photographer Dan Corrigan. Hear how he captured legendary moments in Minneapolis music in this special edition of Storied.

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Advance Praise:

“There’s something infinite and timeless about Daniel Corrigan’s photos, and in this long-awaited collection, you can almost hear the sounds of music erupting off the pages. Corrigan has always been an artist capturing artists, and Heyday is stuffed with so many moments of joy, passion, chaos, and rapture, it’s difficult to believe it’s the work of just one photographer. All in all, a glorious chronicle of some of the greatest times of our lives.”
Jim Walsh, journalist, songwriter, and author of Bar Yarns and Manic-Depressive Mixtapes and The Replacements: All Over But The Shouting: An Oral History

“Daniel Corrigan’s iconic photos first appeared to me as a window into an exciting music scene happening in my hometown. He took the pictures I most associate with my favorite bands, and captured both the cool and the intimate moments of rock-and-roll bands and their audiences. Years later, in my own band, I was thrilled to be photographed by Dan. These images tell a story of a rock scene that is still important, influential, and timeless.”
Craig Finn, singer/songwriter/guitarist for the Hold Steady

“I remember the first photo shoot we did with Dan. It was over in the warehouse district. He put us on a pile of tires. I like that he doesn’t just think three women need to be in a flower garden or all dolled up. I thought right away, I like this guy already.”
Lori Barbero, drummer/singer for Babes in Toyland

“When Dan came along on our European tour, he jumped in faster than Hunter S. Thompson joining a motorcycle gang. With his camera, Dan has always been a ‘gonzo’ guerilla photojournalist—not to mention his work as a studio photographer and filming Soul Asylum’s first major label video. Dan is always up for an adventure and risking his life and financial livelihood to get the shot. Soul Asylum and every other Minneapolis rock band are in debt to Dan.”
Dave Pirner, singer/songwriter/guitarist for Soul Asylum

“I always appreciated the way Corrigan captured us. He makes it look similar to how it feels.”
Slug, rapper/songwriter for Atmosphere

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About Danny Sigelman:


  • 224 pages
  • 483 Color and B&W Photos
  • 10x10 inches
  • ISBN: HC 9781681340210, PB 9781681341231

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