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Kevin Kling's Holiday Inn

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Celebrate all the holidays–and then some–with renowned storyteller Kevin Kling, whose sense of the ridiculous never gets in the way of his appreciation for human nature.

Kevin Kling's first book, The Dog Says How, brought readers into his wonderful world of the skewed and significant mundane. Kling does it again in Kevin Kling's Holiday Inn, a romp through a yearful of holidays and a lifetime of gathering material.

A wiener dog with an amazing capacity for destruction impresses the whole family and contributes to their collection of favorite disastrous Christmas stories. A Choctaw and a nun go trick-or-treating on Halloween. A boy makes a frightening decision every year when he chooses which classmate gets the "Be Mine" Valentine. Kevin takes his mom to a Fourth of July demolition derby–and then he takes an epic trip around the bases at a ball game on Memorial Day.

From tomfoolery with his brother in the backseat of their dad's car through his carefully considered instructions for ice fishing, Kling never loses the spirit of his story or holds back on its humor.

"Kevin Kling's stories are not merely delightful. They are surprising, wise and redemptive. He is one of our great national treasures."
–Krista Tippett, public radio host and founder of Speaking of Faith

"Kling has an enviable gift for storytelling, a sense of humor rooted equally in pain and whimsy...and an uncanny ability to transform intensely personal memories, especially those of family life, into something instantly recognizable and, at the same time, strangely exalted."
Chicago Sun Times


  • By: Kevin Kling
  • Format: Cloth, Paperback, 224 pp, 5x8
  • Publisher: MHS Press (2009) Paperback edition November 20

Kevin Kling is a well-known playwright and storyteller, and his commentaries can be heard on public radio. his plays and adaptations have been performed around the world. He lives in Minneapolis.


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