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Maple Syrup by TimberSweet

Maple Syrup by TimberSweet

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TimberSweet maple syrup, produced by Ralph and Amy Fideldy in Cohasset, MN, was named Best in Show at the North American Maple Syrup Council conference held in Montcon, New Brunswick, Canada,in October 2013. The Fideldys competed against more than 100 other syrups produced both in the United States and Canada. Taste their prize-winning flavor in three sizes.
  • 8 oz. Plastic Jug
  • 50 ml Leaf Bottle
  • 8 oz. Glass Bottle
  • Maple syrup is produced commercially only in North America, within a region that generally surrounds the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River to the Atlantic. Quebec, Canada is the largest maple syrup producer in the industry, producing about two-thirds of the industry total. Vermont and New York State are the largest U.S. producing states, while Minnesota is among the smaller commercial producers and the western-most area which produces maple syrup on a commercial scale.
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