Minnesota Historical Society

Minimum digital file is 1500 pixels from the long dimension of your selection; jpeg format only.

$ 7.00

The image will be scaled to an output of 150 ppi at 10 inches on the long dimension of the original document or photograph. Only a JPEG format file will be created. All files are sent via your e-mail address only for this option.

  • All scans are created using an Epson 10000 XL flatbed scanner or Nikon D2X camera.
  • Online orders should use the shipping conformation e-mail as a packing slip or receipt.
  • For security reasons we cannot copy files onto disks provided by customer.
  • RGB (red green blue) use this option for color reproduction.
  • Grayscale (black and white) use this option for a continuous tone black and white reproduction.

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