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Minnesota History Magazine Winter 2019-2020 (66:8)

Minnesota History Magazine Winter 2019-2020 (66:8)

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Roy Wilkins in Minnesota: Remembering a Civil Rights Hero
Lisa Heinrich

An examination of efforts—successful and less so—to honor Roy Wilkins (1901–1981) in the state he called home provides an opportunity to reacquaint Minnesotans with the life and accomplishments of the man known as “Mr. Civil Rights.”

Minneapolis Fire: Irwin Klein and the Decisive Moment
Benjamin Klein

Though Irwin Klein spent less than a decade in Minnesota, during that period he created a significant but overlooked body of photographic work that documents the zeitgeist of a place and time—Minneapolis in the early 1960s.

Mayo Clinic’s Moulages and Medical Museum: The Waxing and Waning of a Twentieth-Century Educational Partnership
Karen Koka

From 1924 to 1982, Rochester’s Mayo Clinic produced large numbers of medical moulages, lifelike wax models formed from molds. The moulages were used as educational tools and displayed at major medical meetings. Following a successful run at the 1933 Chicago world’s fair, the clinic displayed the models at a popular museum until 1988.


Editor’s Notes/Masthead
Laura Weber

Curator’s Choice
Cross-Country Skiing Ephemera
Grace Arel

Hockey Hero: Henry Boucha
John Rosengren

Olcott Park Electric Fountain and Rock Garden, Virginia, Minnesota
Greg Gaut and Marsha Neff

Book Review
Dakota in Exile: The Untold Stories of Captives in the Aftermath of the US–Dakota War by Linda M. Clemmons
Review by Tyler Taylor

Cross-Border Commemorations: Celebrating Swedish Settlement in America by Adam Hjorthén
Review by Byron Nordstrom

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