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Minnesota History Magazine Fall 2006 (60:3)

Minnesota History Magazine Fall 2006 (60:3)

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The Making of the Modern Vice Presidency: A Personal Reflection
by Richard Moe
Walter Mondale’s chief of staff remembers how his boss and Jimmy Carter transformed the vice presidency, a “constitutional afterthought” long mired in “obscurity, derision, and irrelevance,” into an integral part of government.


“Auntie Gopher”: Lorena Hickok Tackles College Football
by David Kaszuba
A woman sportswriter? Shunning the society pages, a no-nonsense reporter blazes new paths during three memorable Gopher seasons.


The Political Equality Club of Minneapolis
by by Kristin Mapel Bloomberg and Erin Parrish
With patience, grit, and humor, the hard-working women of Minnesota’s longest-lived equal rights organization advocate woman suffrage—and a broad spectrum of reforms.



Minnesota’s Greatest Generation
Soldier, husband, and father Augustine Martinez recalls the trauma of being called up, as told to Thomas Saylor.


Larry Millett revisits a zippy little gas station built in an era of in-your-face design.

Book Reviews
Governor Northern Pacific Railroad * Girls High School Basketball * Stories by Minnesota Women in Sports * African Americans in Red Wing

Sarah Johnson presents pitcher Charles Bender, one of only three native-born Minnesotans in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.


News & Notes

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