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Minnesota History Magazine Fall 2011 (62:7)

Minnesota History Magazine Fall 2011 (62:7)

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Made in Minnesota: The Rise and Fall of an Apparel Industry
by Mary Christine Bader
From buffalo-hide coats to down-filled jackets, Minnesota companies supplied a shivering population with warm (and sometimes fashionable) garments—until globalization silenced the machines of family firms and industry giants alike.


The Typographical Fraternity of the First Minnesota Volunteers
by Perry Thomas Tholl
Commandeering the abandoned newspaper office in a small Virginia town, a band of printer-soldiers issues The First Minnesota, a “rollicking mixture of humor and patriotism” and a snapshot of Civil War camp life, duties, and ideology.


Reclaiming the Photographic Legacy of Octavie Morneau
by Marlene Wisuri
The details of her own life remain sketchy, but Octavie Morneau left an important—and artistic--visual record of people and places in and around Cloquet before the devastating forest fires of 1918.



Peg Meier revisits the enchanting St. Paul Hotel of the 1950s.


Steven Kinsella contemplates southwestern Minnesota’s Blue Mound, which is neither blue nor, really, a mound.


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Apostle Islands * Hmong Oral History


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