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Minnesota History Magazine Spring 2005 (59:5)

Minnesota History Magazine Spring 2005 (59:5)

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“Who Was Jane Lamont?” Anglo-Dakota Daughters in Early Minnesota
by Jane Lamm Carroll
Who wields more influence: mothers or fathers? The lives and choices of three mixed-blood women reveal the complex dynamics of cultural identity.


A Rare Find: The Treaty of Washington, 1858
by Patrick Coleman
The Minnesota Historical Society acquires a 12-page document that speaks volumes about Indian relations with the U.S. government.


“Without Drugs or Knives”: The Early Years of Chiropractic
by Susan Smith-Cunnien
In the days when medicine offered bloodletting, emetics, purgatives, blistering, and surgery without much anesthesia, a new healing method competes for clients and legitimacy.


“Dear Mr. Lorimer”: Letters from Sinclair Lewis
introduction by Richard Lingeman
Minnesota mud holes, the joys of auto touring, and the business of writing take center stage in the soon-to-be-famous author’s correspondence with the editor of the Saturday Evening Post.





George Slade examines a still life with coffee urn.


Denis Gardner visits New Ulm’s Way of the Cross, created, in part, by wheelbarrow-wielding Sisters of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ.


Book Reviews
Memory of the Civil War * St. Luke’s and the Nature of Nursing * Art and Life along the Mississippi River


News & Notes
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