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Minnesota History Magazine Spring 2006 (60:1)

Minnesota History Magazine Spring 2006 (60:1)

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“Twenty-Six Feet and No Bottom”: Surveying and Constructing the Northern Pacific Railroad
by M. John Lubetkin
Corruption, mismanagement, and financial panic—together with Minnesota’s wetlands, mosquitoes, and weather—spell trouble for the nation’s second planned transcontinental line.


Samuel Smith and the First Minnesota Monument at Gettysburg
by Thomas Rice
Who was Samuel Smith, and why is that monument on his grave in Morris?


“Sisters in Toil”: St. Paul’s First Union of Garment Workers
by Mary Christine Bader
Before Social Security, paid benefits, and the National Labor Relations Act, women battle for better wages and working conditions—for themselves and others.




Bonnie Wilson meets a Lanesboro saloonkeeper, thanks to a local amateur photographer.


Laura Weber tours a Civil War-era farmhouse, still standing within the St. Paul city limits.


Minnesota’s Greatest Generation
U. S. Army motion-picture cameraman Walter T. Halloran remembers the liberation of Buchenwald concentration camp, as told to Randal Dietrich.


Book Reviews
Minneapolis & St. Louis Railway * Women of the Northern Plains * Upper Mississippi River *


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