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Minnesota History Magazine Spring 2013 (63:5)

Minnesota History Magazine Spring 2013 (63:5)

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McDougall-Duluth Co., Riverside, and WWI Shipbuilding

by Matthew Lawrence Daley


Buoyed by federal contracts and wartime labor policy, a veteran shipbuilder and local businessmen launch a shipyard and create a new neighborhood, its comfort and amenities meant to deter worker radicalism.


Swedish Americans and Coffee
by Joy K. Lintelman
From family beverage to coffee festivals and coffee-pot water towers, the drink has wafted its way through Swedish America, illustrating the tastes and values Swedes brought from the homeland as well as the development of their ethnic identity in the U.S.


Legacies of Logging in Minnesota
by Moira F. Harris
Though the lumber industry moved west a century ago, its cultural echoes still resonate today in forms as diverse as giant statuary and postage stamps.





Thomas Saylor recalls the American Bicentennial, when Lt. Gov. Rudy Perpich criss-crossed the state presenting commemorative flags.


Larry Millett ponders the success of Charles H. Prior’s urban experiment: shielding his downtown mansion from encroaching businesses by building a commercial structure around it.

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U.S.--Dakota War Narrative * Curious History of Pumpkin

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