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Minnesota History Magazine Summer 2006 (60:2)

Minnesota History Magazine Summer 2006 (60:2)

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Market Hunters vs. Sportsmen on the Prairie: The Case of William Kerr and Robert Poole
by Mark H. Davis
Enforcing hunting laws proves harder than passing them. A landmark case—with elements of comic opera—solidifies the state’s authority and decisively reserves wildlife for sport, not income.


Kensington Runestone Revisited: Recent Developments, Recent Publications
by Rhoda R. Gilman
No “smoking gun,” but some new findings on both sides of the ongoing controversy about Minnesota’s most famous rock.


Hastings Needle Work: Women Creating, Women Providing
by Ann W. Braaten
More than 800 patterns, meticulous records, and a few samples in the collections of the Minnesota Historical Society show how the resourceful Le Duc sisters parlayed a well-bred woman’s hobby into a livelihood.

Open House Journal: Catching Up with “The Ones We Left Behind”
by Benjamin Filene
As if the walls could talk, exhibit visitors fill in some blanks in the stories from the house on Hopkins Street.



Minnesota’s Greatest Generation
Dental hygienist Margaret Amundson recalls food rationing and shortages, as told to Thomas Saylor.


Denis Gardner visits Star Island in northwestern Cass Lake, now a tranquil vacation spot.

Book Reviews
Governor Rudy Perpich * Minneapolis and the Age of Railways * Rondo Oral Histories * Lincoln and the Sioux War

Gregory Britton marvels at the derring-do of an early aviator and the photograph that captured his feat.


News & Notes

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