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Minnesota History Magazine Winter 2007-08 (60:8)

Minnesota History Magazine Winter 2007-08 (60:8)

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The Twin City Motor Speedway
by Alvin W. Waters
The hasty completion and swift demise of a track built to rival Indianapolis as the “greatest motor racing course in the United States.”


The Minnesota Miracle: A Roundtable Discussion
by Steven Dornfeld
Key players discuss the 1971 debate that produced a major overhaul of the state’s property-tax and school-finance system.


Rethinking Family History
by Joseph Amato
Donning the “tattered and worn but many-colored coat” of his family’s past, the author describes his quest to connect the living present with the living past.



Minnesota's Greatest Generation
Army paratrooper Frank Soboleski draws on his youthful skills as an outdoorsman, as told to Thomas Saylor.


Larry Millett marvels at an exotic little Minneapolis church.

Book Reviews
History in the Making * Dreaming the Mississippi * Nature of Eastern North Dakota * Italian Voices

Robert Silberman ponders the raw beauty of open-pit mines.


News & Notes

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