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Minnesota History Magazine Winter 2009-10 (61:8)

Minnesota History Magazine Winter 2009-10 (61:8)

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Smartest Horse in the Army: Whiskey of Ft. Snelling
by Marilyn L. Slovak
A prize-winning mount and beloved mascot in the post-World War I years, before the army became fully motorized.


Red Stars Over Minnesota
by Greg Gaut and Marsha Neff
East meets Midwest: The Gorbachevs come to visit at a pivotal moment in history.


The Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s
by Elizabeth Dorsey Hatle and Nancy M. Vaillancourt
Under the banner of “one-hundred percent Americanism,” the Invisible Empire takes root throughout the state.



Dave Kenney joins a class that’s about to learn a valuable lesson: how to survive atomic attack.


Laura Weber visits a tiny cottage, St. Paul’s oldest extant stone house.


Book Reviews
Duluth’s Morgan Park * 1969 * Minneapolis Parks


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