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Court Case File Research Request: Supreme/Appeals Court

Court Case File Research Request: Supreme/Appeals Court

Without a case file number, NW recorder number, or a combination of names/date, you cannot order a copy of the case file through this service.

This service is designed for researchers seeking records for a specific case that was heard by the MN Supreme/Appeals Courts. Please contact the library for more research assistance.

For this research service, Library Staff will search for one specific court case heard by the Minnesota State Supreme Court and/or Court of Appeals and send a copy of the case file's full contents.

Price: $25 (if exact case file number is provided)
$5 additional (if only NW Reporter number is provided)
$15 additional (if only names of plaintiff/defendant are provided)

Digital delivery via email and scanning fees are included in the price
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Turnaround: Research is usually completed and sent within 60 business days.

About This Research Service:

The Minnesota Supreme Court and Court of Appeals are appellate courts that hear appeals regarding decisions of lower trial courts, specifically the Minnesota district courts. MNHS holds case files from 1850 to 1992. Researchers should contact the Clerk of Appellate Courts for information on accessing more recent case files.

Case files from the Supreme and Appellate Courts may include the following:

  • Briefs
  • Arguments detailing the legal basis of the appeal
  • Case records
  • Transcripts of testimony
  • Exhibits

Each case is identified by a unique case file number (not the NW Reporter number) that is required to identify and access a file. If you do not have the case file number, staff will search for it based on additional information that you provide. An additional fee will apply if these additional searches are required.

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