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So Cold!

So Cold!

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By John Coy, Illustrated by Chris Park

Minnesota Historical Society Press (November 2024)

Embrace the cold with this engaging children's book about a father and son who practice science experiments using household objects outside on a snowy day! 

When the temperature drops far below freezing, many people plan to stay warm and cozy inside. But when it’s “so cold” that everyday things behave in unusual ways, it is worth the effort to get outside and play! In this vibrantly illustrated children's story, a boy and his father dress in layer after layer before braving the cold, and the youngster declares: “Call me Freezeman!” Together the two experiment: What happens when boiling water is flung into the air? Or when maple syrup is poured on clean snow? The night before they left a banana outside: now it’s frozen solid. Can they can use it like a hammer? A helium balloon that floats inside the house changes dramatically in the freezing air. These and other discoveries await explorers bold enough to venture out on a bright and chilly day. Back inside at the end of the day, no wonder Freezeman declares: “so cold is so fun!” This playful narrative by John Coy celebrates curiosity and exploration, while Chris Park’s brilliant artwork illuminates a winter landscape that is anything but bleak. An author’s note explains the science behind the various experiments, leaving just one question: with all these amazing activities to undertake with your favorite adult when it’s “so cold,” why would anyone prefer to stay inside?

Author Information

John Coy is the author of numerous books for children and teens, including The Secret of Fall, My Mighty Journey: A Waterfall's Story, and the collaborative project Where We Come From. He has received many honors for his work, including a Marion Vannett Ridgway Award, a Charlotte Zolotow Award, and the Kerlan Award in recognition of singular attainments in the creation of children's literature. John lives in Minneapolis near the Mississippi River and is fascinated by what's possible when it's so cold. Learn more at
Chris Park coauthored and illustrated his debut picture book, Little Sock, and its sequel, Little Sock Makes a Friend, and recently illustrated Touch the Sky and Hey Now, Little Man. Chris lives in Minnesota and loves spending time being a goofy dad with his two boys. He can be found skateboarding around the neighborhood during the day or going for peaceful walks in the middle of the night. Learn more at

  • Hardcover Picture Book
  • 32 pages
  • fully illustrated 
  • 10 in H | 10 in W
  • ISBN: 9781681342948

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