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The Moons

The Moons

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By Chan Poling, Illustrated by Lucy Mitchell 

Minnesota Historical Society Press (August 2024)

This tender tale about the power of song reminds us to treasure magical friendships that come along once in a blue moon.

Written by musician Chan Poling (The Suburbs, the New Standards) and illustrated by songwriter and performer Lucy Michel (Little Fevers), this gorgeous picture book celebrates the nonconformist in everyone. Equally comfortable on a collector’s coffee table as on a child’s well worn bookshelf, Moons will delight old and young readers alike. 

When Lucy and her mom move from the city to a new home in the country, life is very different. In the city, Lucy had lots of friends; in the country, she is alone–until one day, when a song leads her to an unexpected friendship.  

One evening, Lucy couldn’t sleep with all the quiet, so she sang a song to the night sky.

“Once in a blue moon, you meet a friend . . . ,” she sang.

It was a very pretty song. Lucy sang it soft but clear. The song floated up, up, up . . .

Up to the night sky.

Up to where the Moons lived. 

Lucy understands that the expression “once in a blue moon” means something rare and precious. And for Lucy, a friend is rare and precious. But she is in luck, because one of the Moons is Blue Moon—and Blue is also looking for a friend.

Enjoy this latest volume from the team who brought us Jack and the Ghost.

Author Information

Chan Poling is an award-winning songwriter, composer, performer,and author. He is a member of the alternative rock band the Suburbs and the jazzy trio the New Standards. He has scored music for theaters across the country, and he is the author, with Lucy Michell, of the illustrated story Jack and the Ghost. He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota. Learn more at

Lucy Michell is an illustrator and musician from St. Paul, Minnesota. In addition tophysical and digital illustration, she also enjoys printmaking, ceramics, and paper-mache. As a songwriter she fronts the pop rock band Little Fevers as well as her Americana solo band. She partnered with Chan Poling on the story Jack and the Ghost. Visit her at

  • Hardcover Picture Book
  • 32 pages
  • fully illustrated 
  • 10 in H | 10 in W
  • ISBN: 9781681342955

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